An unique service that allows you to design your own phone case using our simple web application. You can use your own photo or create a design by using elements from our gallery. Quickly and truly simply, you have the ability to create your own unique cover that complements your outfit or highlights your personality.

APP (slovak only)



We use sublimation printing technology to create these customized cases. Sublimation printing is the application of a special sublimation ink to the surface of the covers using a heat furnace at a certain temperature and time. As a result, the solid-form ink is converted into gas and the colors penetrate the surface of the printed material. The result is a quality long-lasting print which, unlike other techniques that print just on the surface, is durable and scratch-resistant.

Kryty, na ktoré obrázky tlačíme, sú pevné, plastové, a presne tvarované pre vami vybraný model smartfónu.

By combining these two technologies, we are able to provide quality print across the entire case (including the sides) that will withstand time and normal use and will add another dimension to the smartphone.

Our designs

Thanks to this technology and service, we can also create our own unique designs that are available to you in our e-shop.



Designs with photos from photographer Fero Tóth


Designs with Slovak Folk Motifs


Corporate branding

A great use of this service that allows you to create your own design is to create cases with your corporate identity. That way you can support your brand at a very low cost and make use of your cellphone or your employees’ cell phones for marketing purposes.

In case of interest, you can contact us directly by email kryty@npoint.sk

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