bio-puzdro-p30Even we at N – Point are troubled how much we have damaged our planet and how irresponsibly we are treating our only home even today. We switched to product packaging from recycled paper long time ago but we still think we can do more. We are constantly looking for new products and new ways how to minimize negative impact to the environment. This ongoing effort led us to an expert in the area of bioplastics – prof. Pavel Alexy, who has been developing ecological material Nonoilen with his team for over 20 years.

Nonoilen is a 100% eco-friendly solution for biodegradable plastics. Nonoilen was created by Slovak scientists as a part of cooperation between company Panara and the scientific team from The Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology of Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava under the leadership of prof. Ing. Pavel Alexy, PhD. and is protected by Slovak and international patent protection.

This unique material is a combination of polymers made from biobased raw materials which are transformed by special technology to “enviro-plastic”, which has practically the same properties as conventional plastics. Moreover, it has no negative impact on the nature and is totally environmentally and health friendly. At the end of its lifecycle, the case is decomposed in a biologically active environment into biomass, water and carbon dioxide, which is consumed for the growth of green matter required for bioplastic re-production. The whole cycle is thus closed and there is no damage to the atmosphere when decomposing Nonoilen.

As the first in Slovakia, and actually worldwide, we have prepared a project of 100% degradable bio-plastic mobile phone cases that we want to offer to all environmentally minded people.

Ecofriendly mobile phone cases are not new to Slovakia or to the world. However, our new cases are the only ones that do not contain any synthetic polymers made from petroleum (such as PBAT) that produce fossil CO2 during decomposition, which contributes to global warming.

This is world premiere of a mobile phone case that has virtually the same characteristics as any other “synthetic” case but is made of renewable raw materials and is 100% biodegradable (compostable) and will not burden the atmosphere during its degradation. We are starting with a prototype edition for Huawei P30. In final stages of pre-production is case for Apple iPhone 11 and in preparation phase are cases for multiple models from various brands. By purchasing this Slovak product, you will join those who care about the environment and at the same time you will also support further development of this material.

In order to fully exploit the ecological potential of NONOILEN at the end of its service life, it must be decomposed under the controlled conditions of industrial compost. Surely, not everyone does have access to such options and here comes our long-standing cooperation with our partner Orange Slovensko into play. Their whole retail network in Slovakia will serve as collection points to return these cases besides the possibility to return them directly to us, so that we can assure the proper way to recycle them.

We firmly believe that together we will contribute to make life better and healthier for us and our children.