Who we are

We have been operating in Slovakia since 2006. We originally entered the market as a partner of Nokia and participated in the operation of the Nokia Care Center for Slovakia. However, since then, mobile technologies have progressed rapidly and the company’s focus and strategic goals have changed significantly.

We have gradually transformed the company into the development and sale of our own accessories for mobile devices. Today it is the main area of our business and thanks to our know-how we can also meet very specific requirements of our clients.

We are a strategic partner of Orange Slovensko, a.s. in the area of stock management and distribution of accessories for mobile phones to all of Orange’s retail stores and SME branches throughout Slovakia. Our collaboration model has been evaluated as the most successful project of accessories sales for the entire Orange – France Telecom Group. We also run several Orange franchise stores by ourselves.

We also cooperate with other important partners such as Slovnaft or dm drogerie markt in Slovakia or MOL Group in the Czech Republic. You will find selected products from our portfolio in their retail network which are relevant to the business scope of these partners. We have also begun cooperation with SWS a.s., a distribution company that delivers our products to other resellers.

In 2013 we introduced our own brand NUVO to the market, focusing mainly on young, active people who prefer quality and modern design.

Our strategy

We focus on bringing innovative solutions in logistics, distribution and delivery to our partners’ stores. We work to offer them a strategic advantage over competition. We are intensively cooperating with our partners from the start on developing appropriate processes and fine-tuning the conditions for simple but effective collaboration. We are able to adapt to each client individually and collaborate flexibly on multiple levels – from standard distribution and generic sales of goods to customers, to complex and sophisticated solutions such as sales of accessories in consignment. Our portfolio can be tailored to the needs and requirements of given partner.


Product develompent

In addition to distributing and selling accessories, we also focus on developing our own accessories for smartphones. As part of this initiative, we have established creative cooperation with the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, where during some semesters we give students the chance to design a new product from their idea to implementation. We then try to develop successful and feasible proposals as start-up projects and are currently working on a number of such projects that have a real chance to get into production.


We also joined forces with Tomáš Kompaník, the author of the successful book AHA, in which he combines traditional Slovak embroidery with contemporary graphic design. Together, we have brought a unique, Slovak-made leather cases for mobile phones.