Eco cases for mobile phones

Our new Eco cases are made of Nonoilen – a 100% eco-friendly solution for biodegradable plastics. Nonoilen was created by Slovak scientists as a part of cooperation between company Panara and the scientific team from The Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology of Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava under the leadership of prof. Ing. Pavel Alexy, PhD. and is protected by Slovak and international patent protection. These cases are the only ones that do not contain any synthetic polymers made from petroleum (such as PBAT) that produce fossil CO2 during decomposition, which contributes to global warming.



Phone protection

The core of our portfolio consists of products designed to protect mobile phones and mobile devices. Among these you will find various types of cases and covers made from various materials (flip covers, slim, silicone, hard cases...).

The other half of this core group of products consists of screen protectors. Even in this case, we are able to offer the products to everyone. The low-end customers can choose from classic foils offering basic protection, and more demanding customers also have a wide range of tempered glass protectors to choose from, which are today the most effective protection for display of mobile devices.


Custom case

Our portfolio also includes a very specific product that is associated with a popular service, where creative customers can design their own design for mobile case.

Thanks to this service, we can produce cases with corporate identity, ideal for your marketing purposes, but we can also meet specific requirements and meet even the most daring fantasies.



Accessories and gadgets

Of course, there are also accessories and smart gadgets for mobile devices in our portfolio. Here, too, our offer is wide, but still with an emphasis on the quality of the products offered.

A special type of accessorie are smart health products for mobile devices. For example, we offer a smart glucose monitoring device, smart blood pressure monitor or smart personal scale.


NUVO Fashion

As one of the few in Slovakia we combine technology with art. We work with well-known personalities and artists, including fashion designers Boris Hanečka and Fero Mikloško. Thanks to these and other collaborations, we can really claim that our products are original and their uniqueness and creativity push them into the category of excellence. In addition to protecting the phone, the products of our NUVO Fashion brand are also fashionable and design accessories.