Designs by Tomáš Kompaník, author of successful publication AHA


Cooperation with Tomáš Kompaník has brought Slovak tradition into our portfolio.

Tomáš designed for us designs for various products with folk motifs from Ždiar, Myjava and Bzovík. As a result, you can find in our portfolio products such as leather pouch cases which are completely manufacured in Slovakia, hard covers or cleaning cloths to keep your display, camera or glasses clean that are “dressed” in these colors.

Limited edition cases by Boris Hanečka for Appple iPhone 6s


Unique phone case designed by fashion designer Boris Hanečka and Direct House Creative Agency. As first in Slovakia, we have combined a unique phone design, modern art and otherwise ordinary accessory that protects your smartphone. A timelsess piece was created.

By combining original design and sophisticated material work, we offer this limited edition to complement your overall outfit and link the technology and fashion worlds. The original and unconventional design of the case is based on real materials and applications used in the new collection of Boris Hanečka.

In addition, this extraordinary case is packaged in a luxurious metal case.



Limited edition cases by Fero Mikoško for Appple iPhone 6s


This phone case, again from the fashion design series, comes from the famous Slovak designer Fero Mikloško.

The unique design of this protective cas allows its owner to play the designer. With two sets of labels, the creativity is entirely to the user and that way everyone can create his/her own “unique” case by Fero Mikloško.

As we also think of our nature, the packaging of this cover is made of paper as well as a gift bag that is part of the product.

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